Black Friday Offers


Coway AP-1220B

70 m2



Coway Classic AP-1018F

55 m2

3,495.00kr 3,195.00kr


Coway AirMega AP-1515G

117 m2



Coway Storm AP-1516D

100 m2



Coway AP-1008CH

73 m2



Coway AP-1008DH

73 m2



Coway AP-1019C

55 m2



Coway APMS-0815C

56 m2



Varför köpa en Coway luftrenare?

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En Coway luftrenare kan hjälpa dig i kampen mot


Pollen & Allergener


Baktierier & Virus









Coways kraftfulla HEPA-filtersystem


* Ultrafine Particle Removal: Result of Korea Air Cleansing Association (KACA)'s ultrafine particle (of 0.3 mm) collecting performance test.

The result can change in the actual use enviroment.

* Deodorization: Result of Korea Air Cleansing Association (KACA)'s test on removing Acetic acid, Ammonia, and Acetaldehyde.

The result can change in the actual use enviroment.


Anpassat filtersystem som passar ditt hem

Anpassade filter som passar perfekt för olika säsonger, situationer och platser. Filter som är utformade för att möta dina behov.

Bli av med oönskade lukter

Med Coways deodorantfilter blir du av med många av vardagens oönskade dofter. Detta filter är ett kolfilter i granulatform som effektivt motarbetar illaluktande gaser och partiklar i ditt hem.


We always make a healthy life with new ideas

Always with new ideas, insights into people and the customers who recognize our sincerity, we have become No. 1 company in the industry and ranked 1st in brand awareness and market capitalization growth rate* in the Republic of Korea. We are rewarded with what we have achieved. However that is not enough to keep our heart beating. Does good technology make you healthy? Can what we do now make your family happy for a long time? This is why we care about invisible values. We do care about the essence of water and air, not the water purifier and air cleaner. We know best water and air, and we can provide care. We believe that making people healthy is what we can do best, so we challenge the world today with our sincerity.

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